10/25 again

so lately hungry wildfires has been eating san diego and as a result we got freaking evacuated (10/23)... haha, and it also means we have no school so i can procrastinate more crap and worry about it later

we ended up escaping to our cousin's house, all we did there was basically eat their food and sleep

then the next day (10/24) we went to play badminton there but apparently it costs 7 bucks just to get in... wtf?? 7 bucks? badminton? seriously?

and they have the weirdest set of rules ever <_<; me and my mom somehow went from 14-1 to losing at something like 18-21... and my mom makes stupid mistakes like going after the ball on their own siiiide <_______<; otherwise it would've been like 21-0'd NOOB srsly! the min. i get a new partner it was like 31-2 haha (me and my partner had to get extra points to be fair, /win)

i guess they got angry at us for stealing their food and stole my ds game (not really, they probably just forgot it in their own ds) oh well, i probably wouldn't be playing rocket slime soon anyways. they ditched school to say goodbye, haha

okay so uh yeah, today i just procrastinated crap.... yeahh.....

by Dexterity | 2007-10-26 15:58  

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