what a crappy week ;___________________________; so much shit happened...

on a positive note, finals are over. and im so glad i can sleep well for 2 days ^^; thank god for weekends

and i have an 89.65% in apec (rounds to A- haha).... thank god...
not sure about others though, now im worried..

too tired to write anymore.

# by Dexterity | 2007-11-03 16:32  


omfg.... today was crap...

stupid frq, and calc...im going to fail apec and calc now... and the dumbest part was that i had prepared for them soooo freaking much wthh??

on my frq my teacher just pretty much wrote it could've been better... well DUHHH

and calc grade's a failure now... omg... wth happened... and my friends said the test was easy too............

and then apparently i had this piano group lesson thing and my teacher pretty much just said i sucked and made fun of me in front of everyone... thanks..
and wtf she put me last to play on the recital... whats the point in that?? sure i may be advanced but i just flat-out suck... and i always mess up on recitals =____________=; and music theory just does not make any sense. at all. seriously. lvl 10 is just stupid... lvl 1-9 was practically the same thing but lvl 10 is just completely different and makes no sense. wtf.

and tomorrow i have a the second portion of the calc final and an on-demand on some stupid topic... gah..

and i've got a apec debate tomorrow on philosophers... and i cant freaking talk in front of ppl if my life depended on it and my topic is just stupid...

and that reminds me, i hate my apec teacher's way of teaching. why can't you just go like the other classes and just stick with lectures? wtf are these group projects? i never learn anything from them..

so ive stayed up til like 3 AM doing stuff... (so technically i guess this post would be 10/30)... and going to die..

so much stuff happened i probably forgot some things... oh well

don't wanna go to school (later today ?)

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Screwed for ap euro debate, ap chem final, an on-demand essay, a persuasive speech, pre-calc final. xD oh welllllllll

mmm so today i played tennis.... and studied... thats about it xD

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nothing much

wasted the entire day on ap chem ;<

okay tomorrow i will start my ap euro project <<;

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10/25 again

so lately hungry wildfires has been eating san diego and as a result we got freaking evacuated (10/23)... haha, and it also means we have no school so i can procrastinate more crap and worry about it later

we ended up escaping to our cousin's house, all we did there was basically eat their food and sleep

then the next day (10/24) we went to play badminton there but apparently it costs 7 bucks just to get in... wtf?? 7 bucks? badminton? seriously?

and they have the weirdest set of rules ever <_<; me and my mom somehow went from 14-1 to losing at something like 18-21... and my mom makes stupid mistakes like going after the ball on their own siiiide <_______<; otherwise it would've been like 21-0'd NOOB srsly! the min. i get a new partner it was like 31-2 haha (me and my partner had to get extra points to be fair, /win)

i guess they got angry at us for stealing their food and stole my ds game (not really, they probably just forgot it in their own ds) oh well, i probably wouldn't be playing rocket slime soon anyways. they ditched school to say goodbye, haha

okay so uh yeah, today i just procrastinated crap.... yeahh.....

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Nothing to update much except that i have no school tomorrow, so i can finish up my chinese hw due the next day and study it <_<
soooo, hows it going guys?

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i forgot that this exists, so, well, heres a post, ill try to remember to update this

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Long time no update

Hi everyone!
quarter is ending soon.... i have all A's thank goodness.... at least now <_<

I don't know what to do nowadays..... episode 99 on bleach (no episodes left to watch, its still going on) and im not really playing anything

gl with life everyone =D

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Sorry, ive been catching up on schoolwork i totally forgot about this.
Anyways, episode 54 on Bleach, Kai> well i haven't really read the manga but i generally prefer watching anime tv shows over manga
I heard some new 4th job skills
Warrior- wtf? my friend said they get some skill that works like a vac hack <_< slash blast ftw anyone?
Bowman- 6 shot dragon-type attack.... how original but cool nevertheless, and also critical party skill (!!) Hermit and Bowman crit100%? And some sort of chargeup attack that takes too long to charge up <_<
Mage-I have not heard anything yet.... <_<
Thieves-Attack in dark sight- sounds like a cool idea, probably useful but i dunno about the magic attacks tho and an assassination skill?
All of these are what my friends told me, I haven't bothered to look up anything, so correct me if im wrong

# by Dexterity | 2006-10-06 12:42