Professional Growth Day

Lately ive been watching Bleach (on episode 19), its getting good
um.... yeah..... everything's still the same

# by Dexterity | 2006-09-28 03:28  


Haha.... nothing really new except my friends started hacking on MS.... not revealing any ign's here
dang, like lvl 50 in 12 days <_< on oms <_<
probably my next term's classes:
physics (probably boring), ens 1 2 (taking 3 4 this term), spanish 3 4 (omfg, almost certain its worse than 1 2), and computers? (im not sure)
soo....... yeah.

# by Dexterity | 2006-09-20 13:26  

*Remembers to update again*

My classes.... are seriously so boring...
Spanish 1 + 2- I sit there for 1 and a half hours. The only real work are tests.

Algebra 3 + 4-My teacher has lectured to us for the past 2 weeks... Its so easy to fall asleep since its so easy as well <_<

Honors English- My english teacher.... doesn't seem to care. We spend the first 30 minutes reading.... and at least like 20 minutes talking about something else besides english

ENS 3 + 4- Basically P.E., but with one day of health.... its okay i guess

# by Dexterity | 2006-09-13 13:03  

First day of school (and high school for me)

eh first day of high school... was meh.... we didn't even do anything but play games
nothing seems different except high schoolers are high on cocaine
ill tell you about school tomorrow....

# by Dexterity | 2006-08-25 13:37  

@2 days

till school.
I might need it though, i feel so bored lately

# by Dexterity | 2006-08-23 14:14  

5k race

I did pretty bad.... i only got 74th <_< (i got 24 min. in 3.1 miles)
thats.... pretty much it

# by Dexterity | 2006-08-22 00:39  

Soak city on Friday

My friend goes to church and the church planned to go to Soak City so my friend invited me.

the lines for the really high ones were so long so all we did was go on the 10 minute ones over and over again =P it was fun

thats pretty much all we did <_<

....messed up on my flygon

see you

# by Dexterity | 2006-08-19 23:53  


school registration today, next week is school
5k marathon is on Sunday
this will be a boring week...

# by Dexterity | 2006-08-17 23:18  

hello again

same, but now competitive battling of pokemon <_< just learning about individual values and effort values...... eh
thinking of a non-uber team to counter friend's uber team <_< just to prove he doesn't know anything about battling

see you later

# by Dexterity | 2006-08-16 09:18  

what ive been doing

trapped inside my visual boy advance <_< (emulator)
playing fire emblem <_<

# by Dexterity | 2006-08-03 04:30