Piano test tomorrow, sigh

Yes, piano test tomorrow, just hope i don't mess up.

Anyways, spent some time in free market and on kagekai.



Gah, didn't get lvl T T

# by dexterity | 2006-03-05 15:17  

The third day of March

Kagekai: I cannot post a comment on your website for some strange reason, so i haven't commented. Sorry for not training as hard, hopefully ill train more =/

Anyways, studied for midterms tomorrow, hope i do ok, so no training ;;

Andrew came back, yay (*^^)

Piano playing test on sunday, ugh.

# by dexterity | 2006-03-04 16:53  

Blah blah blah..........

Oridinary school day, leads to no maple. Math club was interesting 0_o
Still practicing for piano test.
I will close for today

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School day, end of the 20th winter olympics

Winter olympics over! =( I enjoyed it very much ;; America must hate South Korea or something, Ahn was SO much better than Ohno. 3 golds (including relay!) and 1 bronze < Ohno's record in speed skating, yet when Ahn doesn't get as much cheers as Ohno's one gold. Ahn wasn't in the credits either, but Ohno at least 4-5 times. Japan's figure skating was great too! I was amazed 0_o

Hw overwhelms maplestory, so you'll probably not see me alot on weekdays, including piano test this week ww

I made my new shop/shopper "Kharin," he'll be hopefully dex-less sin when i get enough meru ;; I made Kharin because too many ppl talk while im selling on Dexterity, but still add him if you want.

Might make a mage too, they have too godly weapons >=O

# by Dexterity | 2006-02-28 14:58  

Upgrading the slain ^^

First of all, what's this? (again, click on the pictures to be less blurry)

Born same day as Erod?? Same year too??
Anyways, upgrading today was bad, broke the first 2 slains on first slot... here's the third one




Stupid 2 70%'s failing in a row (sac) Anyways, this is the end

Yes, today was pretty bad =/, but its only morning right now XD
Spent about 10 mil lol oh well

# by dexterity | 2006-02-26 02:15  

Another day passes...

Today was a pretty boring day for JMS, but Kai got to 50! Yay! Hopefully the slain will turn out ok (^^*) ww Also lost at a game of tennis today =/, and piano theory tests on Sunday! NO!
PTed with Puffer today, ended up dying 3 times T T Pictures =) (again click to be less blurry):

Scroll! (30% cape for STR)

Found this as well



Puffer needs to work on his healing xp

# by dexterity | 2006-02-25 15:52  

What I did in JMS today (*^^)

(Click on the images to be less blurry <_<)
I went to do Janes quest on my spearman XD


Yay! <( " <) (60% staff if you can't see)

Then, no luck at mushmom orz

Magicmage logged on too, so I decided to hunt with him, no drops today ww Pictures:


And watch out for this guy (yes guy) he is AznKnight! A hacker! He's a stalker (well he stalks me) and likes to show off ;;


Also got Kai to 49 ^^

# by dexterity | 2006-02-24 14:30  

First post!

Hi its Dex! (*^^) This is my first post, and im still figuring out what else I can do here XD. I like to play maple alot.
Characters I am enjoying now:
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The other person is Siryuen, my friend.
Translating page- http://www.excite.co.jp/world/english/

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